Holidays In Istanbul

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Holidays In Istanbul City View
Istanbul City View
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Istanbul, Turkey

Between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea we meet Istanbul. It is a great destination with important history which goes back to the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium. Furthermore it is related to the history and the significant role of the imperial city of Constantinople.

The city is divided in two parts from the narrow strait of Bosphorus. It is a natural bridge for Asia and Europe. Istanbul’s population is around 19 million people and is known as Turkey’s financial and cultural center.

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Fly to Istanbul

If you travel to Istanbul by airplane, you will arrive at the Ataturk International Airport or the Sabiha Goksen Airport. Ataturk is the busiest Istanbul airport. Also, it is located 20 km west of the city center. Ataturk International airport offers you transfer to the city center by taxi, express bus or metro transport services. Sabiha Goksen is located on the east side of the city and offers bus and ferry connections to the city.

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Rent a car in Istanbul and drive through Sultanahmet Square. There you can see the city’s great historic and religious heritage. Such heritage is Hagia Sofia, Sultanahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

One thing you don’t want to overlook is the Turkish hamams. It is said that taking a Turkish bath in Istanbul is one of the must live experience. You will feel a unique sense of calm and relaxation. That is why Turkish hamams are famous all over the world.

Istanbul Hagia Sophia Church Exterior View
Istanbul Hagia Sophia Church

Enjoy your holidays in Istanbul. After Turkish hamams, find a place near Yeniceriler Caddesi. There you can enjoy a nargile. It is the most important factor for every social and political development in ancient and today Istanbul’s life.

Another interesting and worth taking tour would be the Bosphorus cruise. It is organized by Sehir Hatlari, a public run company. It offers a sufficient three hour cruise. During this cruise experience, you will relax and enjoy the city’s bigger picture.


Do you have an appetite for shopping? Istanbul will satisfy you to the fullest. There are many malls, shops and bazaars offering almost everything. After all the primary reason for establishing Istanbul was to control east and west trading routes.

The Grand Bazaar is the most popular market. At the same time it is the most price expensive due to high tourist participation. There you can buy Turkish delight (Lokum) and Turkish tea. Experience the special tea flavours since you buy it fresh and not pre packed.


Istanbul has to offer a great nightlife experience also. When the sun goes down, go to Beyoglu. There you can find a cafe or bar with live music to have a good time. Kadikoy is the place where most of the locals spend beautiful nightlife moments. Artists and entrepreneurs find their night entertainment in Nisantasi. Prices are higher there but it’s definetely worth it.

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