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Germany is the biggest European country and consists of 16 states. Εach of them corresponding to a region with a unique and outstanding culture. Germany is well known for its cultural and historical diversity as well for being a great world economic power center.

Back in history Germany was split in many different small states and it was not before the Napoleonic wars when the consolidation process began which ended in 1871.

Visit Berlin the capital of Germany which was divided by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. You will find many tourist attractions, restaurants, clubs and you will witness the city’s diversity.

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Germany has one of the strongest economies of Europe and rates second largest country in worldwide export terms. The official speaking language is German but you will be able to communicate in most places and definetely the tourist destinations by speaking English.

Fly to Berlin and land to Brandenburg Airport which transformed the city into an international flight hub. It is a real state of the art transportation hub. It was opened on the 31st of October 2020 and sent to retirement Berlin’s other air terminals, like the old Tegel Airport.

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Frankfurt am Main, constitutes Germany’s financial center. Thanks to the airline Lufthansa it is considered to be a very important European air traffic hub. The European Central Bank (ECB) is also located in Frankfurt which makes it the center of Euro, the European Union currency.

Frankfurt European Central Bank
Frankfurt European Central Bank

Germany is famous for being the country and headquarters of car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen with a worldwide high quality and safety reputation. It is the country where you can rent a car and drive through the famous Autobahn highway where you can find many sections without speed limit.

Autobahn Highway
Autobahn Highway

Every German city has a great story to tell. Explore the different cultures and diverse locations. There are plenty of touristic attractions together with interesting day and nightlife.

Intercity Express is the famous high speed train with top speed up to 330km/h. Together with other regular Intercity trains they link almost every major German city.

Cologne will offer you unique and important historical sightseeing since it was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans. In Munich you will get the chance to attend the famous Oktoberfest beer festival and admire the Alps. Bremen’s old town has a great historical heritage ready to offer unique holiday sightseeing moments.

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